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Life Changing

The Mona Lisa Touch medical laser treatment has been a life changing experience. After only two treatments, I no longer experienced vaginal itching, burning sensation or painful urination that had become part of my daily life. Additionally, unexpected urinary leakage whenever I sneezed, laughed or coughed is now only a thing of the past.

Surprisingly, as my abnormally frequent urination became chronic, it started to have a profound impact on my overall well-being and started to dictate how I lived my life. I stopped drinking fluids whenever i left the house, played golf or attended social gathering, fearing that a restroom would not be readily available to support the unexpected urge “to go.” As a result, the mild heat exhaustion and dehydration started to take a toll on my once vibrant and energetic body. The laser treatment has also decreased the pain and discomfort experienced during sexual intercourse.

The Mona Lisa Touch medical laser treatment has been a blessing. I got back my “Quality of Life.”


Best Health Decision…

The Mona Lisa Touch Laser procedure is the best health decision I’ve made for myself.

Vaginal dryness is no longer an issue for me. As a result, I am able to experience a better sex life with my husband, my yeast infection problems are practically nonexistent, and the fact that I am able to sleep through the night without needing to go to the bathroom, have improved my quality of life.

Dr. Chun and staff provided me with much TLC through the entire process.

Words just cannot express how great I’m feeling today!


MonaLisa Touch!

The Mona Lisa Touch has given me back a taste of my youthfulness and quality of life. I am so glad that my doctor, Dr. Benton Chun, shared this important treatment with me during my annual checkup.

In 2008, I was a 54-year old woman who still had regular monthly menstrual cycles with no issues. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast that year. My focus was surviving the lumpectomy surgery, radiation therapy treatment, and 5 years of tamoxifen treatment. Now I was in menopause along with an overactive bladder.

I travel frequently and am always worried and stressing about the next stop to a restroom. I progressed from mini pads to serviettes to Poise maximum absorbency pads. Whenever I thought about not finding a restroom or seeing a bathroom, I had an uncontrollable urge and some leakage. I resigned myself to thinking that I had to “live with it” since it was part of the aging process.

Last year (2014), during my annual check-up, Dr. Benton Chun, advised that I had vaginal dryness and asked if it was painful when having intercourse. I was embarrassed but acknowledged the issues. He prescribed vagifem, inserted twice a week, to help with the vaginal dryness which did help a little.

This year (2015), Dr. Chun shared the exciting and latest treatment available to menopausal women that focuses on vaginal dryness and atrophy, the Mona Lisa Touch. A side benefit may also help the bladder and frequent urination urges.

After discussing this with my husband, we jointly decided to proceed. This was a life changing decision for us.

After one treatment, I experienced the positive benefits of the Mona Lisa Touch on my “premenopausal” health. I am looking forward to my next two treatments and annual maintenance treatments thereafter.

Thank you Dr. Chun!